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Terms and Conditions

  1. One repair will be carried out for our fixed price offer and customers will be advised if more than one is required before works start.
  2. Fixed price repairs only apply to boilers installed in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. If the boiler’s flue is installed within a void this will not be included in the fixed price deal. Extended flues are also not included.
  4. Trace and repair are not covered by the fixed price repair. There will be a £700 fee to expose/access and repair a leak that has been found by thermal imaging or nitrogen testing.
  5. Exposed leaks are covered by the fixed price repair. Access to be made by the customer and we will not reinstate finishes.
  6. If the boiler cannot be repaired £75 will be reimbursed.
  7. Power flushing is not covered in the fixed price repair and will be quoted for separately. If a temporary repair is made (DHW heat exchanger cleaned out) the full fixed price fee is required.
  8. Any harmful substances (including, but not limited to asbestos-containing materials) that may be present must be removed before we carry out an annual service or any repairs or replacements. The customer will be responsible for this removal and will be required to show proof of its safe removal including (but not limited to) the provision of safe air test certificates.
  9. Where access to the boiler (or any other part of the property necessary for us to carry out our work) requires the removal of cupboards, boxing in, tiling furniture or any other items, we will not be liable for any damage provided we have taken reasonable care in removal.
  10. Adequate free parking must be provided for our engineer, with good access to the property. The appliance must also have good accessibility and if it doesn’t, we reserve the right to cancel the repair. If this is necessary, you will not receive a refund.


  1. Our repair guarantee:

We will re-perform any repair free of any charge if the same fault recurs within 90 days of the repair of your boiler.

This guarantee will not apply if the same boiler defect occurs as a result of:

  • Wilful damage
  • Your use of your boiler is not in accordance with the user instructions.
  • Any tampering with, or alteration of, the boiler by anyone other than us or a fault in any other boiler such as (without limitation) a hot water system to which your boiler is connected.


  1. Charges applicable to engineer re-visits.

If you request an engineer to re-visit and repair your boiler but an unrelated fault is found in addition to the original fault, and you wish to continue with the repair, you have the option to pay for another repair at the rate you paid originally. This only applies if it is within 90 days of the original repair. If you decide not to continue, you will be charged £75 immediately from the debit/credit card you used for your original repair (we do not accept cash). You will also be charged £75 if you miss or cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the re-visit.